Adam Levine on Taylor Swift’s Spotify Decision: Harsh or Not?


Last summer, Taylor Swift made the decision to pull all of her music from Spotify, the music streaming website that allows users to stream songs and albums for free. The website has advertisements between songs, as well as a premium paid service which removes the advertisements and provides revenue. Spotify pays artists who allow their music to be hosted on the site a fee every time someone streams one of their songs. Swift’s decision was not well received by fans, many of whom noted that Swift’s removal from Spotify would just encourage people to illegally download her music since she removed a legal, free way to listen.

Adam Levine, best known for his own music work as well as his spot as a judge on The Voice, came out as one of Swift’s critics for her decision. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Levine noted that he believes “music is for everyone. I don’t care how anybody obtains it as long as they get it and enjoy and love it” and that as long as people are “supporting the artist in some way,” they should be allow to listen to music however they like.

Was Levine’s decision to criticize Swift for her Spotify removal the right one? Or is he being too harsh?

On one hand, Levine’s sentiment is in line with the sentiments of many Swift fans and music lovers—music should be enjoyed, and Swift was being paid every time one of her songs was being listened to; removing a legal venue where fans could support Swift with every click may not have been the right choice, especially considering how many fans buy expensive concert tickets, physical copies of CDs, and official “Taylor Swift” merchandise to support their favorite singer.

On the other hand, however, it is ultimately up to Taylor Swift to decide what to do with her own music. Spotify’s contracts are notorious for only paying musicians a miniscule amount of money per click, and Swift may have decided that hosting the music on Spotify was ultimately not good for her finances or her music.

Levine’s criticisms are understandable, but so is Taylor Swift’s personal decision. In the end, it is Swift’s music—if she finds that the Spotify decision has negative ramifications, she may very well reverse her decision and allow her music to be streamed once again on the website.  Click here to find other television and web entertainment opportunities.

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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Channing Tatum


Channing Tatum is best known for his modeling and entertainment career, but Tatum has also made several splashes into the film and television industry; he has even become a part of the rebooted 21 Jump Street franchise, having been cast in a role for the second film and recently been announced as a member of the upcoming third film. But how much do you really know about this model turned dancer turned actor? The following are 4 things you probably didn’t know about Channing Tatum.

He has a varied modeling career

One of Channing Tatum’s most well-known attributes is his career as a model. Tatum has modeled for numerous companies and been the star of various modeling and advertising campaigns. His modeling work includes spreads and runways for the likes of Aeropostale, Dolce & Gabbanna, and Abercrombie & Fitch. He has also appeared in advertising commercial campaigns, including two national campaigns for Pepsi and Mountain Dew.

His career pre-modeling was also varied: he worked as many things, including a doggy day care worker, a cologne salesman, a mortgage broker, and a construction worker.

He once considered a football career

Tatum wasn’t always destined for the runway or the big screen. In ninth grade, Tatum was sent to a military school; while in high school, he tried out and earned a spot on the school’s football team. He originally intended to pursue a football scholarship for college, but ultmiately took another path in life. During his high school career, he also tried his hand at soccer, track and even baseball.

He was in a Ricky Martin video

Tatum considers his first “big break” in the industry his role as an ensemble dance member in the music video for Ricky Martin’s chart-topping song, “She Bangs.” He worked for 7 days total on the music video and earned $400.

He auditioned for the role of Gambit (and may play it)

In 2006, Tatum auditioned to play Gambit, one of the more popular characters in the X-Men franchise. The character was originally written into the third film in the original X-Men trilogy, X-men: The Last Stand. However, the role was cut from the film and Tatum’s part was eliminated. However, Tatum has been cast in the role of Gambit in the next X-Men film, X-Men: Apocalypse; he may also play the character in a solo film.

Don’t miss Channing’s whereabouts in here.

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Why the Marley & Me Pilot Should Refocus Its Storyline


NBC recently announced that it has green lit a pilot based on the popular film, Marley & Me, which was in turn inspired by a memoir of the same name. The script for the pilot will be written by Jenny Bicks, who won Emmy Awards for her work on Sex and the City. Director David Frankel is currently tied to the project as the director.

The series is being marketed a single-camera comedy series which picks up where the film left off. The Grogan family–complete with their three kids–move back to Florida in order for John to restart his popular newspaper column. A stray dog who was abandoned by his abusive owners appears on their doorstep and the family decides to adopt the dog as their own. In a strange twist of fate, they ultimately decide to call the dog Marley (though she is a female) and attach Marley’s old tags to her collar. The ‘new’ Marley, like the original Marley, is a rambunctious, willful dog who brings joy and chaos to the Grogan family.

So far, NBC has only green light the show for a pilot, which may premiere as early as 2015. However, fans of the original film, the memoir and “dog” cinema in general have criticized NBC’s current plan for the show. The following are the major criticisms that Marley and Me fans are leveling at the plans for the pilot.

It’s essentially the same storyline as the film
The current plot for the TV show is essentially the same as the film: a rambunctious dog who doesn’t behave like people think he should bring chaos and love wherever they go. The dog will even literally have the same name and personality as Marley, and serve the same function as the original Marley did in the film.

It’s too far-fetched (no pun intended)
 Many fans have noted that it’s just a bit too coincidental for the family in the show to adopt a stray dog who was being abused by its owners, only for the dog to have the same personality as Marley. If the show does want to begin where the film left off and include a new dog character, it would be more realistic if the dog was not a copy of Marley but was a unique character that brought something different to the family dynamic.

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The Vampire Diaries: Fitting in a World of Myths

Hot men and women acting as blood sucking monsters with strong fighting capabilities – no wonder it has become one of the biggest shows in television.

The television show “The Vampire Diaries” has attracted a lot of viewers with this power one-two punch. However, this does not meant that they do not have a good story plot. In fact, it may be one of the best there is in the television right now.


Again, this is also one of those cases where shows and movies are being based on literary masterpieces turned into a show. Hollywood has been on that trend recently, and to no one’s surprise, it has been a successful change of course.

The novel from which this television show was based from was written by L.J. Smith.

The story, in general, is a peek into the world that a 17 year old girl named Elena Gilbert has written in her diary. In that sense, it is safe to say that she is the main protagonist of the story.

Elena Gilbert lived a tragic life as she was left without any parents. They died while she was still young. As a result, she had to live with her uncle and aunt.

She was also with her cousin turned brother, Jeremy Gilbert. However, everything in her life changed when she met Stefan Salvatore when she started going back to school.

It was a difficult fit in for her at the beginning. Almost every life of a student is like that; however, her situation was different as she lost her parents early. Stefan might have been her saving grace at the moment, and they start dating. As they progressed, she met his brother, Damon Salvatore, who later on developed feelings for her as well.

What she learned later on may have come as a shock. After some research, she found out that both lived in 1953. Digging into this issue, she was informed that the brothers were both 162 year old vampires. If it was some other person, believing and understanding might have been difficult, but she was okay with it. Their relationship continued and did not have any problems in its early stages.

Progressing further, she also found out that there was a girl name Katherine Pierce, the woman that made the brothers fight in the past. It was evident from that point that this was also a possibility in this current state, considering that Damon also developed feelings for her.

The progressed and she learned that she was a Petrova doppelganger – a person who looks alike someone else.

In order to fit into their world, Elena had to sacrifice a lot, which may have included her life in general. There were even surprising twists in the life that she knew of. In addition, some interesting changes happened along the way.

The Vampire Diaries is an interesting television show to watch. It will keep you glued to your seat. Season after season will make you want to keep on guessing what will happen to Elena’s life and what of her relationship with the brothers. Watch it if you want to find out.

Vampire Diaries – Where is the Love?

So, am I the only one who noticed a significant difference in the chemistry between Damon and Elena in the season 5 premiere of Vampire Diaries? I’m sure if you’re a true VD fan, it’s common knowledge to you that Ian Somerholder and Nina Debrev ended their real life relationship sometime before the end of last season. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only fan anticipating the way the breakup would affect the dynamic of Delena. Was I imagining that it seemed to have a huge (and not so positive) impact on the few scenes that the two appeared in together?

The Stefan, Elena, Damon love triangle is a huge, if not the main, factor of Vampire Diaries. As a Damon and Elena fan, as are so many others, I was ecstatic when Elena chose Damon over Stefan on the finale of season 4. What makes the triangle so powerful is the strong, passionate, chemistry that Elena has with both Stefan and Damon.

In episode one, though, where the two are finally together without any sire or obstacle and are finally free to be together, there was little to no passion. Okay, the chemistry was still there, because obviously the two are meant for each other, but as a viewer I could totally sense the tenseness.

It seemed like they were trying to create the passion through drawn out making out sessions between the two but I wasn’t buying it. I’m guessing no one else was either. Damon and Elena have been fighting to be together for three whole seasons and now that they finally got what they wanted, Elena is off to college while Damon stays in Mystic Falls to babysit Jeremy? Are you serious? Their goodbye had zero passion and they treated it like they would see each other in a week. If I didn’t know any better I’d of thought Damon was secretly waiting for her to leave so he could go find someone new to have fun with.

If I were a new viewer, I wouldn’t have thought twice about the way the two were acting toward each other, but I am used to epic scenes between Delena and was really looking forward to them again this season. I even found myself enjoying the Stefan and Elena scene more and found myself routing for them, for the first time, ever.

I’m really hoping that these actors can get their act together, no pun intended. Or at least, that I was imagining the awkwardness. If you haven’t watched this awesome series, check it out on Dish Network soon!

Online Security

Online security is too important to overlook or ignore. You need a good antivirus program but many of them are expensive and need to be updated regularly. You could stick with the Windows Defender program that came with your latest OS but it has been found to be lacking in specific areas.

The other option is to try one of the highest rated free antivirus programs out there. If you are looking for a good, free anti-virus program, check these out. You can download one of these for free and you won’t have to worry about your online security as much. One free program could save you hundreds in tech support for repair or replacement of your current device.

Avast Free Antivirus offers antivirus protection that found 99% of all known threats in recent tests. It has also been found to stop as much as 100% of all unknown threats. Both of these results come up above industry standard, which is 95%. It offered no false positives for the purposes of testing. The software, from download to settings and usage, is user-friendly. It doesn’t need to update as often as some of the more expensive security programs and it can help keep your hard drive safe from online threats.

AVG Anti-virus Free Edition takes less storage on the hard drive than Avast and it performs better on older or slower computers. It also has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for novices. It has been found to stop up to 99% of known threats and 98% to 100% of all unknown threats. In the category of false positives, it did offer a few, but is still an outstanding program.

So, if you are on a tight budget and need an excellent source of security, these free programs are the answer.

Comcast Deals For New Customers Will Save You Money

Have you seen the current Comcast deals for new customers? Cable TV is an open door to the world offering news, education, entertainment, all the cultural events and sports and music. All this gives you, a parent, plenty to work with. You can use all this to show your curious children about customs in other cultures, plus when you want to have a discussion, you can use this to help. There are even some programming for books, this allows your child to see all the books they may have missed otherwise.

Cable TV is a vast world, since that’s the case, you can get options like Parental Controls so you can block channels and shows you think are inappropriate. This lets you have peace of mind while protecting your child.

Comcast offer hundreds of television channel, free HD channels, and International programming that is all in their native tongue. You can also get sports or movie premiums, or just watch your new movies with the On Demand and your live action and music with the Pay Per View. For more details, check out these Special Cable Deals right now. If you are a new customer, the promotional offers you find will be fantastic.

Comcast XFINITY also offers the Digital Video Recorder or HD-DVR for when your family needs to get outside. This device allows you to record all your shows so you can watch them afterwards.

The internet is another important tool for entertainment and education. You get educational sites for research, you can also get selection of many different organizations to offer you cultural information. The internet can also give you sports, games, music and more for all your entertainment.

Thing is, more access means more exposure, Parental Controls can help avoid that. This allow you to monitor online activities, view chat logs, and block sites you don’t want your children on.

With Comcast High Speed Internet, you can get 100 Mbps, also with WiFi to allow you to connect to your laptop, tablet, gaming console and more. Set up your home network, bank, anything you want. There is no where you can’t go with this kind of speed. Stream content from many sites at once or upload your favorite family pictures. This broadband Internet service helps to improve daily life for everyone.

You can also count on this broadband service to be secure due to the free online security that comes included with it. Comcast gives you this to help protect your personal information from identity thieves, hackers, phishing, bots, spyware, trojans, and other threats. When you install it, it will do a system check letting you know what existing threats there are and how to fix them. Parental Controls and the online security comes with your service at no extra charge.

This XFINITY high-speed Internet service is all complete for home use, it gives your family the speed and reliability that you need for your communication, education, and entertainment needs.

When you have a home line, you can easily skip all the bad reception of a mobile. Some cell phone providers won’t be able to give you reception in your home because of the signal. If you have an emergency, this costs time.

Through Comcast XFINITY, you can get home phone services, with the digital reliability. You don’t have to search for service to make all the calls you want, plus, get clear reception all the way through. They give you local and long distance calling on a single flat monthly rate that helps you save money.

You can even get all the features your mobile has, without charge. With Comcast, you can get International calling, this allows you to call overseas without getting overcharged.

When you go through Comcast Digital Voice to get all of your phone needs, you don’t have to worry about the weather messing up your call or your battery. Plus, never worry about hackers getting into your landline like they can with your mobile.

This telecommunications provider gives you safe, reliable solutions that you can count on when you need them most.

When you are home, all you want to do is relax and spend time with your family. Taking advantage of Comcast’s pricing plans like Bundled service packages can help. With these packages, you can get all three services in one monthly bill. As an added bonus, you can get a discounted monthly rate that allows you to save more money.

Bundle plans offer you online bill paying options for all three of your services. Spend a lot more time with your family and less time paying. Comcast Deals for new customers give you everything you need for your family, all in a single monthly package.

Top Deals on Time Warner Cable Packages

Have you heard about the current Time Warner Cable Packages? When the day is over, and everyone is dragging, trying to get everything done before bedtime, a regular schedule isn’t always possible.  You can’t always watch your shows when you want. But you can watch them when you have time, if you have a Time Warner Cable TV Digital Video Recorder.

With this device, you can record your programs and watch them when the work is done. Isn’t it convenient to be able to watch television programs you want to see, when you want to see it?

Having young children in the home can be a joy. However, if you are concerned about what they are watching, it can lead to monitored programming, and unnecessary time spent in front of the TV. Time Warner Cable TV offers Parental Controls, at no additional charge, so you can relax and go about your routine while they watch.

Time Warner Cable TV On Demand programming that can provide children’s shows, and tons of adult selections. When you want to watch a new movie release, save time and money by getting it through On Demand. Your movies, shows, cartoons and sports can be as close as your remote. This service is convenient and family-friendly, helping you to stay on track with your shows and your schedule.

Peak Broadband Internet Performance

What is worse than slow internet connections when you are trying to get somewhere online quick? Time Warner Cable Internet offers speeds that peak at 50 Mbps, so you never have to wait, again. Download and upload in seconds, play multi-player games without lag, and enjoy networking on home devices or online with friends.

Safety counts, especially online, so Time Warner Cable Internet offers security software, for free. Block malware and protect personal information while you enjoy surfing on your desktop or wireless device. Let your children surf without worry due to the online Parental Controls that block sites and let you monitor online activities, like chat sessions.

Manage Your Phone Calls

When your home life is busy, and your phone doesn’t seem to stop ringing, you can get overwhelmed. Don’t stress, if you don’t have to. Get the benefit of using Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone services. These telephone services offer an easy, affordable alternative to constant calls, pricey bills and harassing telemarketers.

This service offers unlimited calling to any location in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Local and long distance calls are made on a set monthly rate, so you don’t worry about going over your minutes. It also serves to control your calls, so you never get more than you like. Use features like Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Block and Caller ID to decide which calls to take. You also get Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Three Way Calling and more to take the calls you do want.

Make Your Money Count

Your money is valuable. Time Warner Cable knows this, and wants to help you keep more of it. When you decide to bundle all of these services through Time Warner Cable, you get the added benefit of discounted bills. Bundled service packages help save the money you need for other family necessities. You have found the best supplier of cable television, high speed Internet and digital phone. TWC is the best in the business! And you can find the best deals right here.

Star Wars Timeline

Star Wars Timeline

Star Wars Timeline

Find more information about this fantastic American Sci-Fi Movies Series right here.

Have You Looked At Charter Communications Lately?

Indulge in everyday excellence when you sign up for Charter now. Charter Communications offers you amazing, all digital cable services that will blow you away. Everyone in your home will love the many amazing services, features, and extras that are offered by Charter Communications.

When you sign up for Charter, you will want to sign up for all that Charter offers. Enjoy Charter TV, Charter Internet, and Charter Phone for low prices when you call today. All three of these amazing Charter services can help to make your life easier, and much more convenient. Go over to this website for the Best Charter Cable Package Deals you will find anywhere.

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You deserve quality entertainment day in and day out. You deserve something to relax to. You deserve a means to an end. You deserve Charter Cable TV. Charter TV offers you and everyone in your home quality, all digital television programming. Watch all of your favorite shows, catch new release movies, view sports games, and much more.

With a plethora of amazing channel options at your fingertips, Charter ensures that no one in your home ought to ever be bored again. There will always be something on with so many great viewing selections. Watch breaking news headlines, prime time shows, and even children’s programming!

Upgrade your entertainment experience when you sign up for Charter TV in HD. Charter TV in HD, or high definition, offers unsurpassed clarity, phenomenal sound from Dolby Digital Surround Sound, amazing detail, and vibrant colors with every passing moment. Enjoy a whole new world of entertainment through Charter TV in HD today.

Sign up for a Charter TV DVR, and you can instantly control the way you watch television! A DVR, or digital video recorder, allows you to record movies, shows, sports programming, and more with the flick of a button. Record hours and hours of entertainment. Record one show while you watch another, or schedule recordings for future programs – YOU decide!

You can also control live television programming with this amazing device. Pause, and even rewind live television programming! Never miss a play, never bypass a laugh with a Charter TV DVR on hand. You can even fast-forward through recorded programming with a DVR. View TV YOUR way today.

Subscribe to Charter Internet for the fastest online speeds available! Charter Internet offers you incredible Internet Speeds, as well as fabulous online extras, features, and more. Connect to the world wide web with ease, and experience all that it has to offer you and your entire family.

The Internet is a great place for making connections, keeping in touch with family and friends, and learning new things. Enjoy phenomenal entertainment online as well, not to mention breaking news stories and education opportunities. Shop online, pay bills online, and even indulge in online banking through a fast and secure online connection from Charter Internet.

Charter Internet offers a variety of online speeds for you to select from. Charter Internet Lite is great for basic online needs, including email and surfing the net. Charter Internet Express can do all that Lite can do, plus it is great for downloading songs and pictures, and streaming videos such as recently aired episodes of shows that you enjoy.

For even more online speeds, subscribe to Charter Internet Plus, which can do all that Express can do and much more. Download large files and view HD movies, upload content to the web in no time, and more through Plus. For the ultimate online experience, sign up for Charter Internet Ultra ñ the fastest online connection around!

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Charter Phone also offers an array of amazing calling features and calling extras. Indulge in Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Waiting, Anonymous Call Rejection, Speed Dial 8, and more. You can even keep your old phone number when you make the easy switch to Charter Phone. Make the switch to Charter Phone today and treat yourself to the services you deserve.

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