4 Things You Didn’t Know About Channing Tatum


Channing Tatum is best known for his modeling and entertainment career, but Tatum has also made several splashes into the film and television industry; he has even become a part of the rebooted 21 Jump Street franchise, having been cast in a role for the second film and recently been announced as a member of the upcoming third film. But how much do you really know about this model turned dancer turned actor? The following are 4 things you probably didn’t know about Channing Tatum.

He has a varied modeling career

One of Channing Tatum’s most well-known attributes is his career as a model. Tatum has modeled for numerous companies and been the star of various modeling and advertising campaigns. His modeling work includes spreads and runways for the likes of Aeropostale, Dolce & Gabbanna, and Abercrombie & Fitch. He has also appeared in advertising commercial campaigns, including two national campaigns for Pepsi and Mountain Dew.

His career pre-modeling was also varied: he worked as many things, including a doggy day care worker, a cologne salesman, a mortgage broker, and a construction worker.

He once considered a football career

Tatum wasn’t always destined for the runway or the big screen. In ninth grade, Tatum was sent to a military school; while in high school, he tried out and earned a spot on the school’s football team. He originally intended to pursue a football scholarship for college, but ultmiately took another path in life. During his high school career, he also tried his hand at soccer, track and even baseball.


He was in a Ricky Martin video

Tatum considers his first “big break” in the industry his role as an ensemble dance member in the music video for Ricky Martin’s chart-topping song, “She Bangs.” He worked for 7 days total on the music video and earned $400.

He auditioned for the role of Gambit (and may play it)

In 2006, Tatum auditioned to play Gambit, one of the more popular characters in the X-Men franchise. The character was originally written into the third film in the original X-Men trilogy, X-men: The Last Stand. However, the role was cut from the film and Tatum’s part was eliminated. However, Tatum has been cast in the role of Gambit in the next X-Men film, X-Men: Apocalypse; he may also play the character in a solo film.

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