Vampire Diaries – Where is the Love?

So, am I the only one who noticed a significant difference in the chemistry between Damon and Elena in the season 5 premiere of Vampire Diaries? I’m sure if you’re a true VD fan, it’s common knowledge to you that Ian Somerholder and Nina Debrev ended their real life relationship sometime before the end of last season. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only fan anticipating the way the breakup would affect the dynamic of Delena. Was I imagining that it seemed to have a huge (and not so positive) impact on the few scenes that the two appeared in together?


The Stefan, Elena, Damon love triangle is a huge, if not the main, factor of Vampire Diaries. As a Damon and Elena fan, as are so many others, I was ecstatic when Elena chose Damon over Stefan on the finale of season 4. What makes the triangle so powerful is the strong, passionate, chemistry that Elena has with both Stefan and Damon.

In episode one, though, where the two are finally together without any sire or obstacle and are finally free to be together, there was little to no passion. Okay, the chemistry was still there, because obviously the two are meant for each other, but as a viewer I could totally sense the tenseness.

It seemed like they were trying to create the passion through drawn out making out sessions between the two but I wasn’t buying it. I’m guessing no one else was either. Damon and Elena have been fighting to be together for three whole seasons and now that they finally got what they wanted, Elena is off to college while Damon stays in Mystic Falls to babysit Jeremy? Are you serious? Their goodbye had zero passion and they treated it like they would see each other in a week. If I didn’t know any better I’d of thought Damon was secretly waiting for her to leave so he could go find someone new to have fun with.


If I were a new viewer, I wouldn’t have thought twice about the way the two were acting toward each other, but I am used to epic scenes between Delena and was really looking forward to them again this season. I even found myself enjoying the Stefan and Elena scene more and found myself routing for them, for the first time, ever.

I’m really hoping that these actors can get their act together, no pun intended. Or at least, that I was imagining the awkwardness. If you haven’t watched this awesome series, check it out on Dish Network soon!